الاثنين، 14 مارس 2011

A myth

A myth
By: Ahmad Hussein
Translated from Arabic By: Adib S. Kawar

Your cup I want to spill
On my feet
Not because you I hate
But it is my duty to do that
My humanity I have to defend
But how that I can do?
Without defending yours too
The price to be paid is this
to whom doesn’t deserve

To fall you have no right
for a cake
or for an additional loaf
to assassinate your humanity
to dine twice,
or your kitchen to redecorate
squandering this is on somebody else’s account
may be a man who doesn’t know you
to what to be?
All dogs make like you
But not its dignity’s sacrificing
What would you become
If twice you dine
From another dog’s bread

How many a time you would betray Palestine
A small country it is
That more than its peasants it cannot inhabit
And few animals
To from soil dig out your bread
And few cows to milk…

And some dogs for sheep to guard
against the wilderness’ beasts
that its homeland it didn’t betray
except for you

Did you about a wooden doll read
That a forged father it had,
From witches its humanity was snatched
In spite of them
A myth this is,
but are you sure you are real?
Nature doesn’t guarantee betrayal…

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