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Between Islam or Oppression : The French Street Choses its ‘Enemy’

Between Islam or Oppression : The French Street Choses its ‘Enemy’
By : Mutaa Safadi

Translated by : Adib S. Kawar


No doubt the West have specified its strategic enemy for the coming, continuous and an unknown period of time. This enemy is not this mighty rising economical power in the depth of the east, on the contrary, it is much more dangerous from the Western point of view, it is the new resurrection of the Arab Islamic civilization. And it is the very old threat that goes back to the oldest ages in  history, the start of which goes back to the fall of the Roman Empire, and the rise of the Eastern Byzantine church state in Constantinople. The Middle East as far as the West is concerned, is the opposite twin that the western unconsciousness, with all of it contains or exports of religions, of Christianity  itself and conquests, revolutions and flourishing fading civilizations.

Islam is presently taking the image of the southern immigrant spreading out in the flourishing European capitals, as if it is the undesirable exclusion in a beautiful and homogeneous painting. The eye in these countries doesn’t want to inure colored faces, nor the human looks that they bear.
There is an instinctive rejection for what is different, Western sentiments suffer from what contradicts it (enlightened) culture with its daily life occurrences.

As thus and under the increasing pressure of the fears of those responsible for public order, under siege in its higher levels, due to the restlessness of their societies under the pressure of the economical hardships that they alone should pay their unbearable costs, there goes the worst psychological process, that is agreed to be called (transfer), that is by moving the ardent exposure from its original subject to another that has no relation what so ever with the first, as the masters of the capitalist system feel that the confrontation with their societies is approaching faster whenever the results of the imposed austerity policy aggravates, instead of involving the wealthy classes in bearing the burdens of the crisis, by accepting a substantial increase in taxes, the reforms of the (regime) preferred to market the policy of gradual austerity that is practically gradually assaults on most of the gains of social rights of the vast majority of the working citizens.

Moslem immigrants shall be the cause of all evils, which the capitalist societies of the exacerbating crisis is complaining of, as if they were not the first victims of unemployment, and divestment is the simplest conditions of financial and nutritive protection, There are many generations of immigrants who were born and lived in estrangement in the west without being acknowledged by any northern society as citizens, even as members of the third or even fourth class. They were secluded out of the city and state institutions. Their children were not granted the right of education, and if some were privileged to receive it, then the few graduates of the young dark people shall have no places in public or private employment, except in rare cases. And when it is imposed on teen agers no other place except street life, how would anybody expect other than moral and legal deviation among some of them, but what is stranger in their case are the accusations that are ruminated by the media, and the accusation of rejecting assimilation, as if an isolated prisoner refuses to take hold of the key of his prison cell, and refuses to open its door with the approval of his guard!!!

An immigrant (where ever he comes from) is always condemned. He is always condemned in advance by the way he looks more then by his behavior, by his race (backward)… and lately by his religion, by his Islam, the great anger adopted by political and ideological leaderships in the aging continent, who consider the presence of millions of Moslems in their homelands, to be a double invasion and at the same time , as an Islamization sort of invasion… ideological and economic, as Islamaization is no more limited to the immigrating people of the south, but exceeded the obstacle of the race and the language, and the increasing spreading among those sympathizing with the (humanity) and (morality) of Islam among the young European generation searching for what shall fill their lives with new values and ideals, but in reality the phenomenon (The invasion of this Islamization is not so wide or spread so as to frighten the objective observer. Islamization did not exceed being a subsidiary phenomenon similar for example to Western Buddhism, or many other off traditional religious sectarian ideologies, which attract marginal groups of searchers for strange hobbies or identities not similar to that practiced in big affiliations followed in their countries. As for the talk about an Islamic invasion of the continent of Christianity and advanced Western secularism, it became connected to, at the same time, a recurrent pumping news of the terrorist invasion within what every time and then official security establishments broadcasts, about some Islamic conspiracies organized by Pakistani or other  terrorists against civilian inhabited centers in Western European capitals, during almost the same time, as if the ruling regimes there agreed on a common psychological frightening campaign against their societies so that they might make them forget losing their social gains, starting with delaying their retirement future.
Manufacturing ‘the prime enemy’ of the West is taking place steady and fast since the tragedy of September 11th 2001, which is Islam as a religion, people, states and the modern history for more than a billion and half of the world’s inhabitants.

Historians of the first decade  of the twenty first century, some of them, who are unknown yet,  can close its story between its opening with the New York tragedy (The blowing up of the WTC) and its provisional end with the breakup of the international financial crisis, and its continuous repercussions after it, since the end of the decade and up till today, it had willingly or mostly unwillingly got involved in the scum of a purely American era, and is still living its results without hope of escaping it soon. It is purely American as that who is taking hold of the site of the conspiratorial strategy in its happenings is the American brain, and it is also the first receiver of the results of the full and ultimate controller. and even if he draws with and behind him the brains of his followers, those who are near and far from him.

There are some who believe that the late understanding of the occurrences of the New York tragedy should be obtained from the results of the international financial crisis, which in principle and dimensions is American. This doesn’t mean that the new Yorker attack with an Islamic title, had established the indirect causes for the break out of the financial crisis. On the contrary as the first was not (created) except for obstructing the economic disaster or delaying it as much as possible. Those say so believe that there is a strong belief among an elite of specialists who know the realities of financial capitalism that the great bubble for this phenomenon should be shattered, and show up as the greatest game of deceit that built its myths and glories; and when the particles of this bubble disappear there shall appear under it what is by far is more frightening and horrible than it, the true nature of American capitalism is unmasked, which in principle lacks any essence  accidental both in its financial and economical construction.

How could the greatest empire in history rise and continue on the basis of a capital that it primarily doesn’t own, that builds up tremendous debts in astronomical figures. What is stranger than this is that this debt enjoys the strongest currency (previously), the US Dollar, that lacks any balance or funds except for the printing press of the American Department of Finance, which issues its Green notes that controls the international economy since WW II, this is a well known fact by the far and near; which even American experts announced and repeated several times, loud and clear, that America is actually a bankrupt nation, and it is surviving on the differences of interests between short and long term depts. and declaring its bankruptcy depends on the will of one of its large debtors, that is China today, but the actual barrier is the fear of the collapse of the international system as a whole.

But with the breakdown of the financial crisis, and intricacy of the usual simple solutions, the speech about the collapse of the international system. and the approach of its introductions, is simply an utterance of a pessimistic and nihilist tendency; so it is possible to say that it has become the  specialized and general cultural subject of speech, and not in the higher political circle in the West alone.

Under a halo of existential horror facing the obsessions of an almost inevitable end; so a new understanding and dismantling of the adventures of the empire, which imposed with its scum  terror, changes in the future of the world during the first decade of the third millennium should be done, in its three lines: the military, political and then the economical. Thus there should be the central occurrence  order to repeat the control in various reactions to this occurrence, according to the strategic goal that expresses a particular printed scenario in the imagination of the manufacturing of the, political and then economic, then the central and explosive occurrence in each cartogram related to each of these lines, so as to re-control the various reactions resulting from the occurrence, as per the strategic goal, which expresses about a particular printed scenario in the imagination of the firsts. The American takes pride, since the days of the Master, Henry Kissinger, that he is the main player in the international map, the skilled engineer in drawing its typography; and the inventor of the play of pawns in its chess, he is the highhanded in controlling the stages of the game and he is the judge, and up to its pre planned results. Is there a thinker or simply a neutral observer, who would not, for example, believe that globalisation was nothing but an American invention. And then its change within two decades from its launching from an economic globalization to a military/police one with the blowing up of the September New Yorker occurrence, and third there falls at the end of the present first decade of the third millennium the globalization of the continuous financial disaster as a result of its objective repercussions, and continuous made by the same big financial magicians, the known, unknown or the pretended to be unknown, but from the nature of the political/total to escape sometimes in front of its leaderships in the desisive moments, sometimes, whatever are the abilities of this leadership of powerful control by means of mental and materialistic violence together.

This is what the empire is facing in confronting its structural problems in itself, and the insurmountable obstacles in its open fields in its surroundings, full with various contradicting possibilities, but all contended for defining the imperial fate. Islam became today the bull’s eye; as if it is the other pole, the greatest and the most dangerous, that is lying in wait for the last bets for the empire, but whenever some of Islam succeeds in frustrating one of these bets in the heart of the Arab homeland and the Islamic World, the fireball bounces back to the hand that threw it (the inventing of Islam) as the ultimate enemy of the West, the informational mobilization against its statue, to redirect, for example, the fury of the French masses against the statue of the other hidden truth or concealed by the propagandist cheating or playing against inserted from black dens that the cultured and conscious eye that would not miss, neither the women’s yashmaq that the French society is distinguished with. They know where the wrong lies, and the original sin. His enemy is not an invader from outside his homeland. He is not  the dark face nor the women’s Yashmaq, neither the mosques and the minarets. It is in one word the regime that is drawn by its traditional stupidity to forging false reforms, which are rejected by the popular sense, but it blows up its fury, it reminds him of the real reforms that are banned from being dealt with under their actual names and titles.
The French street is presently taking the leadership of the forthcoming phase, and that is the most important opening  battle  for the future of full reform and not only for the future of (retirement) for today’s generations, and the near future.

An Arab thinker living in Paris

Mutaa Safadi 


*Born in Damascus 1929
*Graduated from the University of Damascus specialized in Philosophy
*Worked as a teacher and a cultural and intellectual journalism
* Chief editor of Al-Fikr Al-Arabi magazine in Beirut
* Member of the Research and Studies Society
                  Books by the writer             
1-               Hero’s  Ghosts – short stories – Damascus 1959
2-               Eaters of their flesh – play – Damascus – 1960
3-               Fate’s Generation – story – Beirut – 1961
4-               Professional Revolutionary – Beirut – 1961
5-               The Revolutionary and the Arab Revolutionary – A study – Beirut – 1961
6-               The Philosophy of Worry – A study
7-               Revolution in Trial – A study

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