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A new lesson from the noble Arab people of Egypt

A new lesson from the noble Arab people of Egypt

Translated from Arabic by: Adib S. Kawar

Egyptian Arab sport gave a new slap to Zionist normalization projects towards Arab states that started 30 years ago, when the Egyptian Football union neglected a second invitation by the Zionist Football Union to the Egyptian Arab national team to play a friendly game in the Zionist entity against the enemy’s national team after Egypt won the African Nations Cup. The matter became clear when the technical manager, Captain Hassan Shehateh rejected the idea of playing with “Israel” as “impossible”, because the Palestinian Arab people’s rights are wronged, condemning just the idea that “Israelis” would think of inviting Egypt to play with them, or even suggesting the idea.

Normalization with Arab states, which concluded settlement agreements, or what are called “peace treaties” are limited to the official level, while they completely fail on the popular level. The Egypt that signed the “Camp David treaty” and the economic agreements that followed it such as the: (QIZ), gas export to “Israel”, all professional unions and syndicates in Egypt such as that of the medical doctors, journalists, lawyers and theatre professions: they even defy all forms of normalization, and are on guard of being involved in it, making certain that they give disciplinary punishment for those who violate these decisions, though they are few and are being looked at as deviant cases, as what was the case with the stage writer, Ali Salem, who visited “Israel” and was expelled from the Union of writers because of that. As was the case of and the editor in chief of the “Adimoqratiah” (The Democratic) magazine, Hala Mustapha, when the syndicate of journalists forwarded to her an ultimatum for receiving the Zionist ambassador in her office.

It is possible to claim that the syndicate was successful in what is a more important matter than that when considering normalization as forbidden (haram), and practicing it as a disgraceful behavior, which obliges those who do it to hide away, and not to announce it, or put them on the defensive when they try to justify it.

What the technical trainer, Captain Hassan Shehateh announced seems to be expressing what is going in the conscience of all football players in his team and reflects the nobleness of the Arab Egyptian people who were not satisfied with rejecting all Zionist normalizing offers, they even extended that to supporting the Palestinian Arab people, each in his own way, and what everyone can do, especially the Gaza people siege – contrary to the unethical ruling regime’s attitude.

And if the memory of Arab citizens, as is the case of human beings all over the world, is apt to forget, they can never forget the effectual snapshot taken by numerous cameras of satellite TV channels and broadcast all of the world for the famous Egyptian team player, Muhammad Abu Turaikah, when he scored a goal during the final game in the African Nations Cup 2008, he raised his shirt over his head to show an inscription written in Arabic and English in support of Gaza, ignoring the warning forwarded to him regarding that from the organizing committee of the championship, or the campaign waged by the Zionist press, which demanded that he should be sued for his “crime” because his actions form a danger against its state!!!
It seems that in compliance with Zionist demands Google removed the unique image of Abu Turaikah from its web site.

It also seems that in spite of all the Arab popular rejection for its normalization projects, the Zionist entity did not show that it loses hope and continued its trials every time it is possible to try to create a change and impose a brea through, and did not miss trying to find a way to achieve a success for this aim, even in the field of sport. It is worthwhile to point to what the “Peres Peace Center”(!!!) established by the present “Israeli” President, Shimon Peres, in 1996, which designed a number of sports projects on the internal level to “promote conciliation between young men and women, Palestinian Arabs and “Israelis” who live on the margin of economic and social life, through proposing super programs for them including training programs in sports, teaching about peace, supportive teaching activities and joint social activities for Palestinian Arabs and “Israelis”. Among these projects are “sports school twinning for peace”, “youth delegations and missions” aiming at encouraging Palestinian Israeli cooperation and the spirit of group work, which grants the participants in the Palestinian Israeli sports schools programs “twins for peace” the chance to join in Palestinian Israeli teams in international games” – as stated in the center’s literature.
Relying on the above, the Arab nation should be aware of various matters, the most important of which are the following:

• Keep eyes open for Zionist normalization plans that shall never stop or ignore these projects, whether their agenda is clear or concealed, and to uncover the masks of the latter, because it is the more dangerous and malicious, and not to relinquish this matter nor be lost when confronting it, and to have a strong, efficacious, continuous and organized spirit to confront it, to avoid temporary projects, or ones that have a focus that is emotional and incidental.
• Moving to take control of the initiative on the axis of popular initiatives, unions and partisan activities in the Arab homeland and Islamic world, move from the squares of defense and emotionality to the squares of action, impact and involving “Israel” in practical programs, so that this colonialist foreign body shall feel that it shall always be under siege within the Arab homeland and Islamic world that rejects it, and to prevent any trials that it tries to do to break through the psychological barrier to achieve what it aims at, and keep Zionist ambassadors and other diplomats under “house arrest” in total solitude away from Arab communities that they are staying among. (If they are already there or still there).
• Support the stances of frontal cases that have a popular position or an intellectual influence whether or not it shows an apparent hatred for normalization, refuse to lift the siege on the Zionist entity’s seclusion, or undertake initiatives to break the siege on the Palestinian Arab people whether they are in 1948 occupied Palestine (Palestinians of 1948) or in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, as shown now in the stance of Captain Hassan Shehatah or player Abu Turaikah.
• Stress that there is something wrong in avoiding to connect normalization with the Zionist entity with the ravenous establishment of the dwarfed scanty Palestinian state as per what was proven by the long history of settlement projects with Zionists who hold a deep-rooted hatred for Arabs and Muslims as per the Egyptian writer Dr. Wahid Abdul Majid. Defining the result of this connection, especially on the cultural and popular basis – shall affect the continuity of the flame of resistance against the hateful entity in Arab hearts. Even if it is only on the popular basis on its lowest level, satisfied with expressing hatred towards it with the tongue and the heart. The result of ignoring the connection is not showing interest in breaking the psychological barrier under any consideration.

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