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Conspiracy by Bandar Bin Sultan and Feltman to "destroy" Syria

Conspiracy by Bandar Bin Sultan and Feltman to "destroy" Syria

Media sources reveal details of a conspiracy by Bandar Bin Sultan and Feltman to "destroy" Syria


Media sources reveal details of a conspiracy by Bandar Bin Sultan and Feltman to "destroy" SyriaSeveral media sources have revealed the details of a "well-organized" plan to destroy Syria and create chaos in the country. The plan is said to be drawn up by Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador to the United States, in collaboration with the former U.S. Ambassador in Lebanon, "Jeffrey Feltman" to overthrow the regime in Syria and to bring Syria back to the "stone age", according to the sources.

The lengthy and detailed plan, developed by Bandar bin Sultan and his friend Feltman in 2008 with a funding reached $2 billion, consists of many items and precise details which significantly intersect with the incidents of disturbances the city of Daraa has recently witnessed.

According to sources, the plan "strategically" depended on the exploitation of peoples' legitimate desire in freedom, dignity and getting rid of corruption and on the turning of these wishes into a revolt against the regime through convincing the people that the road to reform from within the regime is closed and the solution is an all-out revolution.

However, the plan tactically divided Syria into three areas (big cities, small cities and villages), and the established five types of networks:

1.      The "Fuel": This network comprises educated and unemployed youths who are to be linked in a decentralized way.
2.      The "Thugs" network, which includes outlaws and criminals from remote areas, preferably non-Syrians.
3.      The "Ethnic-Sectarian" network which consists of young people with limited education representing ethnic communities that support or oppose the president. They must be under the age of 22.
4.      The "Media" network that comprises some leaders of civil society institutions which have European funding not American one.
5.      The "Capital" network which comprises traders, companies owners, banks and commercial centers in Damascus, Aleppo and Homs only.

On how to use these networks and link between each others, the plan provides for:

The utilization of ambitious young people from the first network (Network of fuel) through attractive phrases such as:

s        You must have a voice
s        Change can't be achieved except by force
s        Your future is yours to determine
s        Your silence is the cause, and so on ….

The plan also provides for exploiting the skills of members of the second network (Network of thugs) through:

s        Training the thugs on professional killing including sniping and murdering in cold blood.
s        Training them on burning public buildings quickly by using flammable substance.
s        Training thugs on penetrating prisons police centers and security buildings.

According to the plan, members of the third network (sectarian ethnic netwrok) will be exploited by

s         Feeding their strong feeling of support for or opposition against the President.
s         Making them feel that their communities are threatened in all cases.
s         Creating the concept of using excessive force against others.
s         Convincing them of the idea that all who oppose them in anything are traitors.
s         Leading them to a "state of color blindness", so see only black and white.
s         -Exploitation their age and lack of knowledge of history and geography and leading them to the brink of being ready to do anything.

The fourth network (media network) will also be exploited to serve the plan. Members of this network will be recruited and their skills will be enhanced to lead the (public opinion) through:

s        Enabling them to communicate with the media by satellite phone that can't be monitored or cut off.
s        Promoting them as nationalists and as individuals who don't oppose to the regime, but call for civil society.
s        Qualifying cadres and training them on techniques of modern media such as blogging and using the Internet which help them communicate with the public.
s        Holding regular meetings with them and coordinating their efforts so that no one will contradict the other.

The fifth network (capital network) will be exploited by using their fear of their money being wasted, so the following must be achieved:

s         Linking traders with trade officials in the European embassies under the cover of trade relations.
s         Holding luxurious parties to be attended by businessmen and during which exclusively Arab Gulf deals and investments are to be made.
s         Threatening them with certain sexual relations that are filmed for later blackmailing them.
s         Urging them against the regime and creating ideas such as: "The country is yours and outsiders control you. The regime makes wealthy people on your expense. You are the ones who build the country and others rule it. Bashar al-Assad steals you via taxes and his supporters enjoy it. All your businesses projects are a loss due to bribery and corruption. Your wealth is threatened and must be transferred outside Syria because the regime will collapse. We will make you rule the country after the collapse of the regime."

The plan also contained in its "executive" chapter several scenarios, and precise details of how to start and move, how networks will be exploited and how to move forward.

According to executive chapter, the plan adopts the following stages:

1-     If a targeted person from the Fuel Network responded, another stage will immediately begin based on exploiting his/her need for money, so the plan starts to:

s        Provide him/her with small amounts of money.
s        Ensure him/her a rented car, a cellular phone and Internet connection.
s        Ask him/her to look for and bring other young people and use the same method with them.
s        When the number of young people reach 5000 in major cities and 1500 in small cities and 500 in the villages, these people are asked to start to express their desire in change and reform. At this very stage any talk against any side of the people must be avoided. Not a word on sectarian, partisan, rightist or leftist basis is allowed at this stage.

As this stage proceeds, objections by non-enthusiasts are to be faced by a set of appropriate responses such as:

s         If someone says there is a change, the response must be: "There is no change at all. This is all a lie"
s         If he says change is coming, then the response must be: "We have heard this for more than 40 years"
s         If anyone says that time is not suitable, the response must be: "So when must we move. Are we going to move after 100 years?"
s         If one says that of our dignity lies in resisting America, the response must be: "We have nothing to do with resistance, we want to live" and so on…
s         A Moving group has to be pushed into streets inside already existing gatherings such as in crowded markets, in mosques after prayers and in narrow alleys. This group is divided into three rings: The shouters, the photographers, and the hidden people. The shouters gather at the center of the circle and begin chanting within the gathering. This ring is surrounded by the ring of the hidden people, while the photographers' ring surrounds all. If anyone tried to disperse the shouters the hidden people defend them under the pretext: " let them speak", and if no one try to disperse them, the same ring of the hidden people assaults the shouters and disperse them. In both cases," We get an excellent picture for the media."
s         In general, the authorities have to be provoked to be drawn into the use of torture and cruelty. Here the authorities have to choose one of two solutions; either to intervene or not to intervene.
s         If the authorities don't interfere, the number of enthusiasts will begin to increase, because young people's demands will attract a bigger number of new enthusiasts who all, according to the plan, must not know anything about the network link.
s         If the authorities intervene and arrest one of the network members, he/she must make himself/herself appear "innocent and pathetic", immediately change his/her stance and illusively promise the authorities not to do that again. According to the plan he/she is to be completely frozen to the final stage, but funding continues.
s         If the authorities intervene and arrest one from outside the network, the incident must fully be exploited by raising the level of demands. If the security forces torture him/her, this will be better as it will help in fueling the people's feelings and here phrases linking torture to the whole regime not only to the security forces are to be promoted and the following statements and ideas are to be disseminated: "Have you seen what happened to the poor man, this is what the president wants. It isn't fair, the man wants only to live. Do those traders only have the right to have money? Is it a government or a group of thieves? The reason behind this is the top leadership", and so on ...

2- When moves start in the streets, people must be instigated as fast as possible to change their just demands into calls for the downfall of the regime. Here the following must be implemented:

s         The second network, "network of the thugs", is introduced to the scene immediately to attack all of the demonstrators and security personnel.
s         Videos and photos for dramatic events which hurt religious and social feelings, such as attacking women, preferably veiled ones, must be taken. As a result alleged demonstrators shout general slogans and if they are attacked by security forces it will be very excellent. But if they are attacked by civilians, the group says "security forces dressed in civilian clothes," attacked the demonstrators. However, if no one attacks them, a member of the same group will attack the demonstrators, even if this leads to minor injuries. Video shots must not last more than 20 seconds and they must be taken from a very close position not from a far one.
s         The rapid use of bloodshed, because of its significant impact on the people. This includes the killing of a protester from outside the network, preferably a youth from big and famous families, or a youth who has major social ties or a highly educated person, especially a doctor, an engineer or an intellectual. The killing must be committed rapidly by snipers and with bullets of the same type used by police or security forces. This stage also includes the killing of security personnel or guarding police.
s         Burning properties of the traders who have been involved in the plan and dragging them into a state of fear together with other economic figures with the purpose of having influence on the lives of as many people as possible.
s         Provoking Bashar al-Assad loyalists and engaging them in polemics with others, especially the Islamists. Here the loyalists are to be accused of being from the intelligence and that they are horns of the regime and beneficiaries from the authority.
s         Creating mistrust and tension between the loyalists and the people, telling about the near end of Bashar al-Assad and calling for random supportive demonstrations and calls advocating slaughter, murder and terrorism are planned to be launched. In turn, opponents keep calm and delay any move till after the creation of sectarian and ethnic killing. They have to be well-organized in their calls for political reform, freedom, democracy and civil life.
s         Foiling any attempt to attain political solutions by the regime through burning symbols of power such as the Baath Party headquarters, police stations, prisons and security forces centers in addition to distorting Bashar al-Assad pictures.

3- The fourth network (The media) is introduced. The aim here is to link Bashar al-Assad to all previous era and to devalue all his actions by opening all the old files and holding the current regime responsible for them.

s         Bandar bin Sultan recognizes in his plan that Bashar Assad enjoys a real popularity inside and outside Syria that should not be underestimated. He believes that this popularity must be exploited and transformed from a point of strength into a point of weakness through the use of the enthusiasm of supporters against demonstrations.
s         To undermine the military, the government and the security system, Bandar believes that they must be torn into sects, and here comes the role of the third network the ( "ethnic-sectarian" network) taking into account the neutralization of major doctrines like the Shafi'I and the Hanafi. This will be done as follows:

s         Urging each sect to commit horrible bloody massacres against violators. These crimes must be filmed and posted to the media as soon as possible. The start should be in places far from Damascus and there should not be a lot of blood for fear that people may retreat.

For instance, in Lattakia and Tartous, people from the Alawite sect from the network slaughter youths from the Sunni sect, cut parts of their bodies chant long live Bashar.
In Aleppo, Salafis from the network attack Alawites' villages, burn their homes and terrorizing the people to leave their villages and chant "Death to the "Nasirien" death to the enemies of the Sahaba".

In Hasakah, Arabs from the network slaughter and hang some young people and make fun of the Kurds in a visual way without language and clear enough to be understood by the Kurds without translation. Some Christians, particularly Armenians are planned to be killed.

In Daraa, "snipers" from outside the city of Daraa kill young people from the Jawabra and the Mahamid families without approaching anyone from the Abazeed and the Masalmeh families.

In the city of Al-Boukamal, the Shi'ites kill Sunnis and scream, "Oh Karbala, Oh Hussein".
In Homs, Arabs kill Turkmen and loot their shops, particularly gold shops and also kill Catholic Christians and Murshdis.

In Sewidaa, Druze members of the network kill a number of Christians in surrounding villages and burning several churches

In Qamishli, Kurd members of the network avenge the killing of Kurds in Hasaka. Some Armenians also kill Arab Muslims.

In Deir Ez-Zour, "snipers" from outside the city kill young people from the Agidat and Bani Naeem tribes without approaching smaller tribes like the "Rolla", the "Jabour" or the "Shummar" and scream during the filming in the name of the "Bokhabour and the "Mohassan".

Bandar thinks that the regime as a whole will be busy trying to settle the disputes between communities and ethnic groups. Bashar al-Assad will send delegates from his government to resolve sectarian and ethnic differences while Damascus will be empty of government pillars and here comes the turn of Damascus where each minority group avenge and the city flares up from all sides. This will be done as follows:

s        The Christians in the east of Damascus kill Muslims who live among them in areas like Qassaa and Bab Touma. They also kill the Druze in the village of Jaramana.
s        The Sunnis in the south of the city kill Shiites living among them in the "Shaghour" and the "Muhajereen" areas.
s        Salafis in the areas of "Duma" and "Darayya" burn the headquarters of the municipality, courts and police stations.
s        Alawites in the west of the city in "Mezze Jabal" area kill Sunnis who live among them.
s        Kurds in the north of the city in "Rukn Eddin" area attack Arabs from all sects.

Meanwhile, Bandar believes that the army will be divided, the security systems and the government will collapse and Bashar will only have the Republican Guard, which he will not be able to move because the army will stand against him. This will make Bashar al-Assad's presence in power the cause of all problems, and here comes the role of the fifth network the (network of the capital). The following has to be implemented:

s         Holding a meeting between capital owners (businessmen) and leaders of the army and security bodies as well as ministers from Damascus and Aleppo. The plan is to convince them to abandon Bashar al-Assad promising them survival after the end of the President's rule.
s         In case some businessmen refuse to cooperate, they are threatened of canceling authorizations, of withdrawing investments and of sex scandals if they are among those penetrated by sexual relations.
s         In case some army leaders refuse, they are threatened of imprisonment or assassination. If it is possible under a state of chaos, officers of high ranks, not from Damascus or Aleppo, could be assassinated to terrorize them.
s         -A national council of businessmen, ministers and security chiefs must be formed and recognized by the United States, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Bendar believes that at this stage, the following must be achieved

s        The Council must demand Bashar al-Assad's resignation.
s        The Council must cut Syria's ties with Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad.
s        The Council must secretly undertake the responsibility of completing the peace process with Israel.
s        The Council must form an interim government to dissolve parties and call for early elections and for the amendment of the constitution.
s        The Council must set up an inquiry commission to investigate all the symbols of the former regime. It must blame the events on the Muslim Brotherhood exclusively.
s        The Council must exclusively open the Syrian economy to the U.S., European, Saudi and Egyptian companies.

In the same context, al-Alam satellite news Channel revealed that what is being posted on "Facebook" is run by about 200 people who work for a company called "Dot and Com" and who have been trained to create sedition.

According to the channel, the company and its employees work in silence and secretly under the protection of Jordan, but the company's funding and the strategy which control the company's works are set up by the Saudi intelligence - Bandar bin Sultan's Branch -.

The channel's report said the company "Dot and Com", is apparently a private company owned by someone called Mohammed al-Qaisi. The company's major center is based in the Jordanian capital Amman. It has branches in major Saudi cities. The company works with the Saudi Ministry of Defence and provides services to the Saudi intelligence system and the Ministry of Interior.

The Channel also confirmed that the company has established a crisis cell that works directly under the orders of Bandar. Two hundred internet specialists led by Saudi officers who are supported by U.S. advisers and psychological war experts, work in the company to hit Syria through Bandar bin Sultan's crisis cells particularly in southern Syria. Meanwhile, the Lebanese Marwan Hamadeh, Basem al-Sabe' and Hani Hammoud in cooperation with US Psychological war experts and a specialists in rumors called Elie Khoury manage similar crisis cells supported by officers from the Information Branch of Saad Hariri.

Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador in America, currently serves as Secretary General of the Saudi National Security Council. He was the only ambassador in Washington who enjoyed permanent guardianship by the US Presidential Guard. He is known for his link to issues related to supporting anti-resistance and pro-Israeli forces.

على أساتذة وطلاب الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت إهانة وولفنسون بدل تكريمه

على أساتذة وطلاب الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت إهانة وولفنسون بدل تكريمه

وولفنسون مع وزيرة الخارجية الأميركية السابقة كونداليسا رايس

في مقابلة له مع صحيفة «يديعوت أحرنوت» الإسرائيلية في العام
2006 قال رئيس البنك الدولي السابق جيمس وولفنسون  " أعبر عن مخاوفي من أن تفقد إسرائيل، خلال عامين، مكانتها في مركز اهتمام الإدارة الأميركية»، مطالباً بـ«ضرورة مواصلة الجاليات اليهودية دعمها لإسرائيل، بكلّ ما أمكن، وإلا فإنها لن تكون قادرة على مواجهة التحديات المستقبلية".
ومع هذا تقوم الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت مهد الحركات الوطنية والقومية المناضلة ضد الاستعمار  والصهيونية عبر تاريخها الطويل لم تجد من تكرم بمنحه درجة الدكتوراه الفخرية سوى هذا الرئيس السابق للبنك الدولي جيمس وولفنسون والداعم الكبير للعدو الصهيوني!!!

الجامعة الأمريكية في بيروت فررت أن تكرم هذا العدو الكبير للشعب العربي وبشكل خاص العربي الفلسطيني جيمس وولفنسون بشهادة دكتوراه فخرية خلال حفل توزيع الشهادات لعام 2010—2011
وقد برر وكيل الشؤون الأكاديمية في الجامعة الدكتور أحمد دلاّل بعذر أقبح من ذنب قائلاً أن «ثمة من يقول العكس، بدليل أن الدولة الفلسطينية كرّمت بنفسها وولفنسون". إن تكرم السلطة اللا وطنية اللا فلسطينية المعروفة بتصرفاتها المشينة مثل هذا الصهيوني لا يبرر أن تقوم مثل هذه الجامعة ولو كانت أميركية الأصل بتكريم مثل هذا العدو   للشعب العربي كله بينما اشتهرت هذه الجامعة في الماضي بالخدمات التي قدمتها لأبناء وبنات الأمة العربية عبر تاريخها الطويل والعريق.
نقترح أن يقوم أساتذة وخريجو الجامعة خلال الحفل، أي في الوقت الذي يقف فيه وولفنسون ليلقي كلمته أو عندما يسلم الشهادة الفخرية بالوقوف والانسحاب جماعيا من ساحة الحفل، أو أن تستبق الحكومة اللبنانية الحدث بمنعه من دخول الأراضي اللبنانية التي ساهم بشكل أو بآخر بتدميرها منذ قيام الكيان الصهيوني على
 أرض فلسطين المحتلة...

لقد قامت إدارة الجامعة الأمريكية في بيروت مساء بوم الجمعة في 10/6/2011 بتوزيع رسالة الكترونية تعلن أنه نظراً لأن حضور ولفنسون لحفل توزيع الشهادات سيؤثر على الطبيعة الاحتفالية للمناسبة قرر عدم الحضور.
ونحن بانتظار أن نرى فيما لو كانت شهادة الدكتوراه الفخرية بالسر أو إنها ستلقى...

"الداعـم الأول لإسـرائيل" مكرّمـاً فـي بيـروت:
أستاذاً يرفضون استقبال وولفنسون.. والجامعة الأميركية في بيروت» تبرّر

في مقابلة له مع صحيفة «يديعوت أحرنوت» الإسرائيلية في العام 2006، عبّر رئيس البنك الدولي السابق جيمس وولفنسون عن «مخاوفي من أن تفقد إسرائيل، خلال عامين، مكانتها في مركز اهتمام الإدارة الأميركية»، مطالباً بـ«ضرورة مواصلة الجاليات اليهودية دعمها لإسرائيل، بكلّ ما أمكن، وإلا فإنها لن تكون قادرة على مواجهة التحديات المستقبلية».
واليوم، وبعد مرور شهر على منحه جائزة «ترومان» في «إسرائيل»، من المقرر أن يحلّ العضو البارز في «معهد الديموقراطية الإسرائيلية» والشريك الأساسي لإحدى الشركات الإسرائيلية الداعمة لخدمات المستوطنين في الضفة الغربية، ضيفاً في بيروت في الخامس والعشرين من الشهر الحالي، ليستلم شهادة دكتوراه فخرية من «الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت»، لمناسبة حفل تخريج الجامعة الثاني والأربعين بعد المئة.

وتلقى أكثر من تسعين أستاذاً في الجامعة الخبر كصفعة قوية على وجوههم، فشكّلوا حملة تواقيع واسعة، حصدت حتى الأمس 95 أسما في الجامعة، عبّروا عن رفضهم استقبال وولفنسون في حرم الجامعة، وإلقائه كلمة الافتتاح، علماً أن خمسة مكرّمين آخرين يشاركون في الاحتفال، وهم: مرسيل خليفة، والرئيسة الأولى لجمهورية ايرلندا ماري روبنسون، العالم الفيزيائي أوين غنغريش، الأستاذ الفلكي المصري الأميركي مصطفى السيد، والصحافي الأميركي أنطوني شديد.
وفيما اعتبر الأساتذة المعارضون أن استقبال وولفنسون «يقوّض رصيد الجامعة في الكفاح في سبيل العدالة الاجتماعية، وارتباطها التاريخي ببيروت وفلسطين»، فقد رأى وكيل الشؤون الأكاديمية في الجامعة الدكتور أحمد دلاّل أن «ثمة من يقول العكس، بدليل أن الدولة الفلسطينية كرّمت بنفسها وولفنسون."
وعلمت «السفير» أن الأساتذة رأوا في دعوة «الداعم الأول لإسرائيل» للتكريم أمراً مشيناً بحقهم، متسائلين عن هوية أعضاء اللجنة التي وافقت على الدعوة، والمعايير التي اتخذت في انتقاء وولفنسون. غير أن دلال أشار إلى أن «انتقاء الشخصيات جاء في آلية واضحة، انبثقت عن لجنة تضم أساتذة وطلابا، كما أُعلن عن الأسماء قبل فترة، وتمت تزكيتها، قبل أن يوافق عليها مجلس أمناء الجامعة".
وفي حين يصدر الأساتذة اليوم بياناً يوضح موقفهم الكامل، فقد عملوا أمس على توزيع عريضة تطالب بقية زملائهم بالتوقيع عليها، شارحين فيها أن وولفنسون مستثمر في شركة إسرائيلية وفّرت جزءا من رأس المال، لإنشاء شركة «بيتر بلايس» التي يموّلها المستثمر الإسرائيلي شاي أغاســـي، وهي تمــلك وتديــر «بيتر بلايس إسرائيل» (بي بي آي)، التي تنـــشئ شبكة محطات تعبئة للآليات الكهربائــية على امتداد «إسرائيل»، وللمســتوطنين اليهــود في الضفة الغربية.

4.     ورغم إدراك الأساتذة بأن حملتهم لن تغيّر في موقف إدارة الجامعة من دعوة وولفنسون، فإنهم قرروا أن يقولوا «نحن غير موافقين على استقبال مستثمر في شركة إسرائيلية، لها علاقات وثيقة بالقطاع العسكري الإسرائيلي وبالنظام السياسي. فالمدير التنفيذي للشركة هو الجنرال موشيه كابلينسكي، الذي يحفل تاريخه العسكري اللامع بمواقع قيادية في لواء «غولاني»، خلال الاجتياح الإســـرائيلي للبنان وحصار بيروت في العام 1982، تلتــها سنـــوات طويلة في موقع قيادي خلال احتلال اللواء لجنــوبي لبنان». وفي العام 2002 عين كابلينــسكي قائــدا «للقيادة الوسطى» في الجيش الإسرائيــلي وهي القوة المحتلة للضفة الغربية في الأعوام الأكــثر دموية خلال الإنتفاضة الفلسطينية. وفي العام 2005 أصبح كابلينسكي نائب رئيس الأركان في الجــيش الإسرائيلي وهو موقع بقي فيه خلال عدوان العام 2006 على لبنان.
واعتبر الأساتذة أن وولفنسون يفتقد المعايير المهنية، مستندين بذلك
إلى إحصاءات البنك الدولي، والتي أشارت إلى أن سبعين في المئة من القروض – غير الهبات - كانت تتركز على 11 دولة عضوا، فيما بقي للدول المئة والخمسة والأربعين الباقية التعثر بالثلاثين في المئة الباقية.
وأوردت الإحصاءات أن ثمانين في
المئة من موارد البنك الدولي، لم تمنح للدول الأكثر فقراً، بل للدول التي تتمتع بسجلات اقتراض ايجابية، ويمكنها بالتالي إيجاد التمويل اللازم من الأسواق العالمية. وأدى أسلوب وولفنسون المالي إلى فشل البنك الدولي في تحقيق مهمته المعلنة بمكافحة الفقر العالمي

Professors and graduates of the American University of Beirut should insult rather than honor James D. Wolfensohn

Professors and graduates of the American University of Beirut should
insult rather than honor James D. Wolfensohn

In an interview with the Zionist daily “Yadiout Ahronout” during 2006 former World Bank President, James D. Wolfensohn expressed his worry  that “Israel” would within two years lose its position as a center of interest of the United States of America”, demanding that Jewish communities continue their support for “Israel”, by all means possible, otherwise it shall not be able to confront its future challenges”.
In spite of this the American University of Beirut the cradle of Arab patriotic and nationalist movements against colonialism and Zionism throughout its long history, it is surprising that The American University of Beirut could not find anybody else whom to honor with an honorary doctorate degree except this former President of the World Bank, James D. Wolfensohn, the world famous supporter of Zionism and the Zionist entity.
The American University of Beirut, decided to “honor” this big enemy of the Arab and especially the Palestinian Arab people, James D. Wolfish, whose heart aches for our Zionist enemy, AUB decided to grant an honorary doctorate degree to him during the commencement of the academic year 2010—2011, unfortunately the provost of the university justified the action with an excuse that is worse than the guilt, saying, “there are some who says the contrary, with the proof that the ‘Palestinian State’ had itself honored Wolfensohn”. That the unpatriotic un-Palestinian authority, known for its shameful acts to honor such a Zionist, doesn’t justify that this university though it is of an American origin and in name to practice this honoring for an enemy of the Arab people while this university is well known for the services it granted to the sons and daughters of the Arab nation throughout its honorable history.
We suggest that professors and graduates during the commencement while Wolfensohn is being “honored” with the degree or when he steps up to deliver his speech to all stand up and walk out of the ceremony, or that the Lebanese Government not allow him to enter the country, due to his contribution in 2006 and since the establishment of the Zionist entity on the occupied land of Palestine to our Zionist enemy…

 “The first supporter of “Israel” Honored in Beirut:
90 professors refuse to receive James D. Wolfensohn
and “The American University of Beirut” justifies!!!
By: Jaafar Al-Attar
Translated by: Adib S. Kawar

In an interview with the Zionist daily “Yadiout Ahronout” during 2006 former World Bank President, James D. Wolfensohn expressed his worry that “Israel” would within two years lose its position as a center of interest of the United States of America”, demanding that Jewish communities continue their support for “Israel”.
Now, one month after granting him the “Truman prize” in “Israel”, it is decided that the outstanding member in the “Israeli Democracy Institute”, and the basic partner for one of the “Israeli” companies supporting Zionist settlers (colonialists) in the Palestinian West Bank, shall be a guest in Beirut on June 25th 2011, to receive an honorary doctorate degree from the “American University of Beirut” on the occasion of the 142nd commencement of the university.
 More than ninety professors in the University received the news as a hard blow on the face, they formed a wide campaign to sign a petition that was signed up till June 8th  by ninety five signatories in the university, who expressed their refusal to receive the Zionist Wolfensohn in the university’s campus, to deliver the inauguration speech of the commencement, noting that there are five others who shall be granted the honorary degrees: The famous Lebanese singer, Marcel Khalifah, who is a great supported of the Palestinian cause and other Arab nationalist causes, the first President of the Irish Republic, Mary Robinson, the physicist Oen Gingrich,  The Egyptian American astronomer ,Mustapha As-Sayed, and the American journalist Antony Chdeed.
While the opposition professors considered that receiving  Wolfensohn “wrecks the university’s credit in its struggle for social justice, and its historical connection with Beirut and Palestine”. The provost of the university, Ahmad Dalal, justified the action with an excuse that is worse than the guilt, saying, “there are some who says the contrary, with the proof that the ‘Palestinian State’ had itself honored Wolfensohn”. That the unpatriotic un-Palestinian authority, known for its shameful acts to honor such a Zionist, doesn’t justify that this university though it is of an American origin and in name to practice this honoring for an enemy of the Arab people while this university is well known for the services it granted to the sons and daughters of the Arab nation throughout its honorable history.

“Assafir” Beirut daily was informed that the university professors consider that inviting “the first and foremost supporter of Israel” for honoring is a shameful matter for them, and demanding to know the identity of the members of the committee that approved his invitation, and on what basis he was chosen for honoring, but Dalal pointed out that the choosing the personalities is done on the basis of a clear mechanism, that is by a committee including professors and students, and the names were announced some time ago, and was done before being approved by the university’s board of trustees”.
While professors are supposed to issue a statement to point out their full status, they circulated a petition demanding that the rest of their colleagues to sign it, explaining that Wolfensohn is an investor in an “Israeli” company that made available a part of the capital to establish “Peter Place Company” financed by “Israeli” investor Chai Aghasi, that owns “Peter Place Israel” (BBI), which establishes  a chain of station for filling electric machines throughout “Israel” for Zionists colonialists in the West Bank.
Being sure that their campaign shall not make a difference in changing the decision of the university’s administration regarding Wolfensohn’s honoring, they decided to announce that, “We don’t approve on the invitation of an investor in an
1.   Israeli company, that has a tight relation with “Israeli” military and political organizations noting that the executive manager of the company is General Moshe Kaplinsky , whose history is full with leading positions in the ‘Golanii Brigade”, during the invasion of Lebanon and the siege of Beirut in 1982, to  be followed by long years of a leading position of the brigade’s occupation of south Lebanon. In 2002 Kaplinsky was appointed as commander of the central command in the “Israeli Occupation Forces”, which is the occupation forces of  the West Bank in the most bloody years during the Palestinian Intifadah, and in 2005 Kaplinsky was promoted the position of deputy chief of staff of the IOF, a position that he held up till the 2006 aggression on Lebanon.
2.   It seems that professors and students pressure on the university’s administration thus obliging it or him to cancel his presence in the commencement, but it is still to be known whether the honorary doctorate shall be granted to him in secrecy or cancelled.
3.   The following message was circulated by the administration it seems to avoid problems for the university and reserves it good reputation.

From: American University of Beirut <am05@aub.edu.lb>
Subject: Message from President Peter Dorman
Date: Friday, June 10, 2011, 7:15 AM
This message is being sent to you because of your affiliation with the American University of Beirut On-Line Community at URL http://www.alumniconnections.com/olc/pub/AVB